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Chief of FTD JSC "ELDIN": Svetlana Ershova

Electric motors (series RA and A)

Electrical drives in their many variations are now in use in every branch of industry. Their characteristics determine the efficiency of production. Low voltage three-phase asynchronous motors of ELDIN production meet the needs of customer with regard to all-round versatility, superior performance parameters, environmental compatibility and a high standard of reliability.

Correspondence between power and overall dimensions 
Three-phase asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor are produced in two versions. 
Power and mounting dimensions gradation for the series RA as specified in DIN EN 50347-2003. 
Power and mounting dimensions gradation for the series A, АIR as specified in GOST 31606-2012. 

Consumer could order us the unidrive, which will be assembled with frequency converter or reduced-current start device manufactured by firms "Control Techniques", "Schneider Electric", "Danfoss", "ABB", and also any other firm upon the customer's request. 

Product catalog

Explosion prof motors (series BA)
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Generators (series SJ) 
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